Welcome to Garenburg Woods!

We hope you have a fun and safe trip!

Egly is going on a trip with his friends, Elfy, Carib, Yhien, and Malik. The friends are heading over to the Garenburg Cliffs, a wonderful place that is said to have a beautiful sight. Everybody is sure to have a great time...

With your friends, you can listen to plenty of stories about the world and its past, and discover unsettling secrets within the forest. There's a lot to do across the course of the trip, and you can freely explore the forest in search of secrets!


Multiple Game Modes

There's something for everybody!

Regular Mode is around for anybody who just wants to have a normal experience on the trip. However, in RISK Mode, you'll have to face more dangerous bosses and enemies. Saving is limited, and your item effects are completely randomized. The effect may be helpful, or harmful. It's a nice challenge to anybody who wants it. Happy Mode is available for people who don't want to suffer any hardships, featuring overpowered weapons and an instant level max at the beginning!


Additional Lore

There's always more to the story...

Garenburg Woods takes place in the fictional world of Garenburg, a land with technological advances but a tragic history. There are additional spoilerless stories below that you can enjoy.


Other Content

There's plenty of activities you can engage in!

Plentiful Party Members

Numerous team members with their own playstyles to help your party progress!

Multiple Endings

Play multiple times and do your best to find the true ending!


Tons of achievements are hidden in the game! Can you successfully hunt them all?

Tons of Bosses

Numerous enemies and bosses await your arrival. Fight them and find the truth.

Customizable Textboxes and UI

Don't like the regular UI? There are plenty of other designs you can try!

Story Time

Speak with Aries, the shopkeeper, for a special story each night!

Steam Page

If you're interested, you can go to the Steam page for the game by clicking the button below.
Be happy... and always stay on the forest trail.

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